Children @ BBC (0 to grade 5)



The vision of our children's ministry is twofold: 
1) to help children have a sense of wonder about God; who He is, His amazing love for us and how we can experience him together, and
2) to help children tap into the way they are naturally wired to discover God for themselves; who He is, how He sees them, how they fit God’s big story and how they can relate to Him.



There are no children's ministry activities over the summer, but you can still find lots of resources to help your children grow in their faith on our FaceBook page for both when you can come and when you can't. 

BBC Junortoun Children's Ministry -


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For more information call the offcice on 5449 - 3033

You can also call:
Donna Clarke (0428 418 180 - or use the smart dial button below), Children's Ministry Worker (Junortoun).